Sunday, April 12, 2009

Peanut Butter Pillows

I've not been feeling well enough to whip up new ice cream flavors, but today I decided that I had to try the Peanut Butter Pillows recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen blog.

It's basically peanut butter fudge wrapped in a thin layer of chocolate cookie dough and baked until the dough is just firm enough to handle. And then you take them out of the oven and shove them in your mouth and they're all melty and gooey and ZOMG you just want to die right there because nothing in your life will ever be better than that moment right there. But then you take another bite, and OMG it's still amazing.

(Photo from the PPK blog/Flickr pool. Their pictures are prettier than mine.)


  1. Hi there! I'm glad you're feeling well enough to make cookies. Surely peanut butter and chocolate have medicinal properties.

    I found your blog about a month ago and was so excited, because I used to love ice cream when I ate dairy. I've tried a couple of the recipes (a mango-coconut and the strawberry), and really enjoyed them! Thanks for all your creative ideas.

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM


    I'm glad to see you're doing better. I hope that everything's alright.

    I'm a huge fan of the PB pillows myself...I just have to be careful not to eat too much or I won't be able to fit through the door.

    Looking forward for you to post new ice cream recipes! :))) And take care!

  3. x.Kitty.x7:00 AM

    Hello, I've just discovered your blog, thank you so much for sharing all of these recipes with us !!
    I'm a vegetarian who doesn't react very well to dairy products (nasty tummy aches!), so I'm trying out veganism at the moment (i fail every so often when i don't realise what the ingredients of somethings are!!).
    I shall definitely be trying out some of your recipes soon!

  4. I really like your blog! Mmmm I love those cookies, I made a similar recipe sometime ago. Can't go wrong with peanutbutter and chocolate. If you get a chance check out my blog post, it's just one of thirty-two more posts about vegan ice cream!

  5. Anonymous5:56 PM

    wow, those look delicious! thanks for the recipe, i will definitly check that out.

  6. I'll have to check these out. I need to come up w/ some things for a bake sale, and these look good.

  7. Definitely looks like a gourmet Reeses Pieces.

  8. I've seen these on the ppk i can't wait to try them!

  9. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I tried to make these and they were a disaster! I don't know how I messed them up so terribly, but it was not a pretty site ;) I'm glad to see they are, in fact, possible to make!

  10. this one looks so delicious. My wife made like this for me, but this one seems to be more delicious. Keep it up!