Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Spotlight

Next Thursday (November 27) is Thanksgiving here in the United States. I hope all of my readers will have a wonderful holiday. Unfortunately, vegans can end up feeling out of place at many tables, if celebrating with friends or family who insist on having a huge dead bird on the table. And proposing your own vegan Thanksgiving might not go over so well with everyone (but give it a try anyway). Often a compromise must be reached--even if we don't like it.

So this year I'd like to spotlight Pumpkin Ice Cream. It's one of the first ice creams I ever tried, back in the day when it was absolutely impossible to find more than four flavors of vegan ice cream, even at specialty stores. I still love this ice cream, and it's perfect this time of year. (If you want to make it really decadent, you can use part or all coconut milk.) I think it will please even the most critical non-vegan relative.


  1. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Just inregard to your previous post about Guinness ice cream. I'm Irish and instead would use the very similar Irish stout Beamish (which is vegan). Great blog

  2. I made the Pumpkin Ice Cream a second time and added crumbled graham crackers and ginger snaps-delicious!

  3. I am just changing over (very rapidly!) to veganism. I hope from here on out I'm able to sustain being vegan. The cruelty - I just can't be a part of that any more. I was under-educated before ... but I'm not any more and there's no going back to being so horrible.

    And today I was thinking, "oh, no, what about when Thanksgiving rolls around..." but then I thought, "I can take a tofurky, mashed potatoes, yams&oranges.... and a big apple or pumpkin pie!" And I realized - that's enough!! Wonderful!!

    I'll have to supply all of that for myself at my 1-hour-away relatives' home. Because I know they'll smother in butter, cream... and other things. But I can bring those items and all will be great! Maybe even take broccoli to steam in the microwave too; but a big green salad would be fine too....