Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chocolate Candy Cane Ice Cream

Chocolate and mint go so well together, and now that candy canes are everywhere, I just had to mix the two. If you want to skip the chocolate for pure candy cane bliss, just follow the recipe variation listed below.

2 c. soy creamer (or any non-dairy milk)
1 c. soy milk (or any non-dairy milk)
¾ c. sugar
1½ c. chocolate chips
2 T. arrowroot
1 t. vanilla extract
2 t. peppermint extract
1 c. chopped candy canes

Mix ¼ cup of soy milk with the 2 tablespoons of arrowroot and set aside.

Mix the soy creamer, soy milk, sugar, and chocolate chips together in a saucepan. Heat gently until the chocolate melts, then bring to a boil. When the mixture has just started to boil, take off the heat and immediately stir in the arrowroot slurry. This should immediately cause the liquid to thicken (not a lot, but a noticeable amount; it will be thicker when it cools).

Add the vanilla and peppermint extracts.

Set the ice cream mixture aside to cool. Freeze according to your ice cream maker’s instructions. Add the chopped candy canes in the last 5 minutes of freezing.


Candy Cane: Omit the chocolate chips. Add an additional cup soy milk.


  1. i really, really wish i had an ice cream maker now. i saw non-vegan peppermint candy ice cream today in the store and i wanted a vegan version so bad!

  2. YAY YOU'RE BACK!! I don't really like peppermint, but I loove chocolate! I think I heard from my mom that a long long long time ago we did have an ice cream maker, but my mom was too lazy to make her own ice cream. Oh well. I shall take over that machine and see what I can do.

  3. Anonymous5:44 PM

    I was just thinking I needed to make some peppermint ice cream for the holidays, although I will probably make it vanilla and just add some chocolate chips in with the candy canes. Thank you so much for posting this so I won't have to figure one out on my own!

  4. i got an ice cream maker for christmas, so i am beyond excited to have stumbled upon your blog! i read through all your archives - you have some incredible recipes, and i cannot wait to start churning some vegan ice cream with them!

  5. Me too! My son and I are both dairy-free and we got an ice cream maker for Christmas so we can make soy ice cream and sorbets. I found you in my google search. And you're a Seattlite too!!

    I am freaking out that you mention "prickly pear ice cream." My son was recently studying desert environments and peoples in our homeschool geography class and we bought and tried some prickly pears from Top Foods. On Christmas day, that is the flavor he said he wanted to make!

  6. you seem to be my new hero!! lol, i am completely inspired..(after i lose this weight!) to make vegan ice cream... do you mind if i have a link to you on my blog!!?!

  7. veganmunkee--

    I'd be honored if you posted a link to me!

  8. Wow, your blog is amazing! Super-yum!

  9. I nominated you for the 2008 Bloggies for best food weblog. Love your site!


  10. wow, this recipe sounds good! Thanks for posting, I'll try to make it! :)

  11. I stumbled upon your blog after looking for alternative ice cream recipes! I have started a site called www.allthingsicecream.com and have a blog allthingsicecreamblog.blogspot.com where I credited you for the vanilla soy recipes!

  12. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Chocolate and pepperment were made for each other. Mmm...

  13. Oh man, this looks so good. I'm glad I found your blog!

    Also, hey, we're in the same city!

    Vegan Talk

  14. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Oh, this looks perfect! My guys will LOVE this!


  15. You are simply great!!! Not only for this recipe :D

  16. Just wanted to leave you a note and let you know I tried your easy vanilla ice cream recipe. I used rice milk instead of soy and agar as the thickener. I had to increase the amount to 3 tablespoons and it worked well. I served it atop vegan brownies to my omnivore family and it was really well received. Thanks!

    On a side note: I am one of those REALLY strict vegans who worries about everything, However your recent post was really well written and I completely respect your decision to make veganism seem simple (like it is!)
    (Sorry if I am totally side-stepping your wishes by talking about this on a different post I just had to let you know.)

  17. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I just read your "Very Bad Vegan" post and I want to applaud you! There are so many hard core vegans out there that just scare off and piss off non-vegans to the point that they don't want anything to do with them. Personally, I am a vegan for MY health, helping animals is a nice bonus, but it doesn't have anything to do with the reason I became a vegan. Thank you so much for standing up for yourself and for what you believe in & not "caving in" to the pressures of the extremeists.

  18. Anonymous10:22 PM

    my god woman, i can't thank you enough for posting this recipe!!

    i haven't had ice cream in ...several years, i can't recall when.

    because i don't want the hormones,etc in the milk
    choc mint is my FAVORITE

  19. Anonymous9:51 PM

    I cannot tell you how grateful my son and I are that you posted this recipe and have this wonderful site. This ice cream was awesome. The flavors are so limited at the store and I love being able to use only natural ingredients.

  20. thank you so much for having a comprehensive blog, recently i have had to start looking for vegan alternatives, because i can not eat milk (but yet cheese is ok, super weird i know) and i stopped eating ice cream due to the reaction. i have found alternatives and bought them as my splurge since i cant really eat many store cookies. peppermint ice cream is dear to my heart from my passed father making it during the summers. thank you so much, i was ready to adapt. but you have really made my summer.

  21. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Oh My Goodness. I used chocolate soy milk and it was the chocolateyest, mintyest heavenly treat ever. It doesn't even need the candy canes.

    Kathy in MD