Friday, July 20, 2007

VegNews Awards!!!

Holy crap. My blog has been nominated for a 2007 VegNews Award. I am so totally flattered and excited and I'm all in a tizzy. So if you like my blog and you like ice cream, please vote for me! And if you don't like my blog or ice cream, then you are clearly a communist sympathizer and a hippie and you hate freedom and probably kittens too, and I don't want to be your friend anyway. So there.

And can I just say again, LIKE OMG I AM SO EXCITED! OK, enough of that. Let's be dignified here. And vote. Click on the pretty banner to take the survey! (Also, if you take the survey, you will be entered to win cool prizes from VegNews.)


  1. Good luck in the Veggie Awards! I'm sure you'll do well- who doesn't like ice cream?

  2. I voted 4 you because

    1. I made my first vegan ice creams because of you!
    2. You have a recipe with molasses in it! YAY!