Thursday, November 09, 2006

No Ice Cream Maker?

Over the last couple of days, several people have asked about making my vegan ice cream recipes without an ice cream maker. My response was generally of the "Duhhhh...ummm...I dunno" variety. And then I realized that teh Intarweb can answer any question! So I Googled my question and discovered some rather easy methods here and here. (Just ignore their recipes and use your own.)

Another method is to pour your chilled ice cream mixture into a bowl and stick it in the freezer. During the freezing process, take it out every once in a while and beat it with a hand mixer or whiz it up in a food processor so it doesn't freeze into one solid lump.

If you're adventurous, you could even use liquid nitrogen. How awesome would that be? I'll tell you: too awesome.

If you're going to be making homemade ice cream frequently, though, I do recommend purchasing an ice cream maker. It's easier than the other methods, I think. I've got this one
($50), and I really like it. There are cheaper models, too. You should be able to pick up a basic maker for around $20 - 25.


  1. Hi Agnes,

    This is my first time visiting your blog and may I say "wow." Hubby, who sent me to your blog, and I are vegetarians (not vegan, we love cheese and eggs) and now I have all kinds of new recipes to try.

    The thing is, I suck at baking. I'm a great cook, but baking is hard. Ya gotta follow all the rules for the love.

    Great job! I'll visit again.

    Hubby's blog:


  2. Love your blog.. was reading it before you became “noteworthy”
    We have a ice-cream maker but, sadly it has been sitting collecting dust for many years.. after this whole vegan thing enter our world.. I just have been afraid, or more like a non believer that vegan homemade ice-cream is a possibility... thanks for the motivation to give it a try! bravo and keep up the good work! I will be back often..
    take care,

  3. Its quite interesting and informative. I really came to know for the first time that we can still make ice cream without the maker too!

    Keep doing that good postings

  4. Well it looks interesting so far and I'll be back to read some more. In the mean while I've had some good experience making semi-frodo without an icecream machine or even a mixer, and it's become a party request my friends sometimes ask. All of my other frozens are done without a machine and all I can say is that if it has enough fat in it (alternatively, enough alcohol), it's going to be fine.

  5. Hi

    Have an interest in dairy free ice cream as a friend of mine has milk allergy (nut and citrus too!)

    I just wondered if your soya products you use are genetically modified free?

    Sorry but I don't understand your American cup measurement system :(

    Good luck and best wishes for your blog of note!

    Ian (UK)

  6. To Ian (a merlin imp):

    Sorry about the American measurements. I don't know the British (and everyone else in the world!) system when it comes to cooking.

    I usually use organic and not-genetically-modified soy products (and other food, too!).


  7. Just wanted to say what a cool idea for a blog!

  8. I just found your blog.
    Cool I have to look around more and show my wife :-)
    We are vegans's too and love IceCream and chocolate
    Yes your Blog is a blog of note :-)

    Thanks for an awesome Blog

  9. Hi!
    Thank you for your tip, your blog is very interesting.

  10. I'm going to use some of your recipes at Christmas when my vegan daughter and son-in-law visit.

  11. thanks for the info... i appreciate it.

  12. I usually love ice cream in all its form and flavour. But your vegan ice-cream caught my attention and I've decided to finally re-open my ice-cream maker which was stuffed in the attic in the late 1990's. Hope it still works.
    Till then keep up the good work- Cybercasey

  13. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Hi! I've been reading your blog for some time but never left a comment. I just wanted to say thanks for "popularizing" vegan ice cream. :) In my country -- the Philippines -- there are not that many of us vegans, and therefore, little food options available. Hopefully that changes soon. :)

    I'm planning to try making vegan ice cream but don't have an ice cream maker. Just now I Googled it and this post came up. I think I missed this post, but I'm glad I was directed to it.


  14. I tried the no ice cream maker method mostly just to see if I like vegan ice cream at all. I think it'll be fine for this purpose but hubby's getting an ice cream maker for my birthday, which is good. It has been in the freezer for 5 hours and I'm mixing it every hour. It's still not done- although finally getting there- and it's a little icy and less smooth. Just thought I'd share for anyone wanting to try this method. Based on the internet search I did, it works for some people, but it hasn't worked for me.