Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Non-Dairy Cream!

The Urban Housewife brought my attention to a new non-dairy, soy-free cream! It's called MimicCreme, and the main ingredients are almonds and cashews. You can buy both sweetened and unsweetened varieties. Unfortunately, my cashew allergy prevents me from actually trying this, but it sounds like a winner to me! You could use it to replace some or all of the soy creamer/non-dairy milk in ice cream recipes. You can learn more about it here. If you try it, please leave a comment and let us all know how it is!


  1. Hey Agnes,
    Thanks for posting about it. I've contacted the company to ask for a sample. Will let you know what comes of it.
    Good find!

  2. I'll check the shelves at my Co-op, I don't think I've seen this... I just added your link, I LOVE vegan ice cream, and I have a maker....

  3. I just made my first batch of Mimiccreme Pumpkin Ice Cream!!! It wasn't as sweet as I prefer, but still soooo yummy. I'll add a bit more sugar next time, though. It was SO SO easy.

  4. A couple of FYIs...

    1) For those of you in Seattle, you can find MimicCreme at Sidecar for Pigs Peace. It's the only place I've found it (so far).

    And 2) the sugar-free version is weetened with erythritol, which is a natural sugar alcohol BUT the company that makes it (Cargill) ferments it on a honeycomb. (So, some vegans may want to avoid it.)

    I have used it (unsweetened) for sauces mixed with soymilk, broth, seasoning ... sort of alfredo-like.

    Thanks for your great recipes!

  5. I love this stuff. I have yet to use it in ice cream, but the unsweetened kind is GREAT for alfredo, and hot chocolate


  6. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I ordered it directly from the company, they mailed it quickly. I got two cartons of sweetened, and two of unsweetened. Used it to make your 'lazy vanilla' recipe, and it was great. BUT, I used sweetened thinking it was for dessert, and the ice cream was too sweet because of the sugar in the recipe. So, if you use the sweetened version, cut back on your sugar in the recipe; if you use unsweetened, you can pretty much follow the recipe exactly. It was good! Thanks!

  7. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Man oh man.. can't wait to try this.. thanks so much for posting about this. I ordered an unsweetened case today! I can always sweeten with Agave or stevia.

  8. Tim of Asheville1:48 PM

    WOW! I made some of the best creamy vegan ice cream I've ever had last night. I put some frozen bananas with the unsweetened MimiCreme and a little cinnamon in the blender and it came out so perfectly creamy! I also used this to make a rich coconut cream pie. I love this stuff!

  9. Mimic Creme is awesome. I use it the unsweetened kind in soups and in chai.

  10. I didn't see any difference in texture of the ice cream when I used this as compared to when I use soy milk and soy creamer. It tasted the same too, so personally I would say if you can't find the Mimiccreme, you aren't missing anything.

  11. I find it too nutty and sweet, and yes, the unsweetened version is still too sweet. Maybe in a flavored ice cream it will work, but trying to make a savory soup or sauce from it proved disappointing.

  12. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I agree with JumpinJude. I tried the unsweetened Mimicreme in a pasta sauce and found it too nutty and sweet. I kept adding salt to the sauce to counteract the sweetness, but it didn't work and would have defeated the goal of trying to eat healthier by reducing salt, fat, etc. I'm sure it tastes great in any non-savory recipe. I'm using up the carton with my breakfast cereal, mixed in with the soymilk.