Sunday, July 08, 2007

Chocolate Almond Ice Cream

I'm spending the day cleaning my basement. It's a dank, smelly, drafty place, and it's full of spiders. Big spiders. Luckily, my husband is on Spider Duty, whereby he catches them and lets them go in the yard. Still, today pretty much sucks and I don't have time to make ice cream.

But, lo! I present a fellow blogger's awesome recipe for Chocolate Almond Ice Cream. It sounds awesome and I wish I were making it right now instead of preparing to do battle with spiders the size of New Mexico.

For something completely different, I give you a picture of Bean:


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my chocolate almond! It wouldn't exist if not for your recipes! Sadly every ounce of it is now on my hips... but it was worth it!

  2. ahhhh, Bean is so cute! I love that furry face, and think there is nothing greater than vegan icecream. :)

  3. bookmama4:32 AM

    I love kitties, especially tabbies. Bean is adorable and quite a poser!

  4. Thank you for the Chocolate Almond recipe, I will have to try it out......Bean is cute

  5. hey! How is Seattle going? I can totally picture the basement you have described, having lived in C-town for 30 years.
    I made an ice cream cake & wondered if you have delved into that territory too? Quite fun and tasty, but one mustn't eat sweets for a week after having a slice.
    Hope all is well...

  6. Our family has been mostly vegan (we do eat the occasional egg, especially when I'm pregnant) for nine years now, and if there's anything that's going to drive my eldest child away from veganism it's the ice cream. She loves the stuff.

    So I guess I'd better make more, and more often. So yay for your blog! Two thumbs up, from a fellow [mostly] vegan and a fellow possesor-of-basement-with-huge-spiders. I only had four ice cream flavors at my disposal, now we can try everything. Much to my daughter's delight. :) Hubby's birthday is tomorrow! Now he only needs to choose the flavor!

    P.S. I have used xanthan gum almost exclusively. I love love love it! Since it thickens cold, there's less time from mixing ingredients to freezing; with seven kids clamoring around the ice cream freezer that's a bonus.

  7. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I liked this recipe. I don't have chocolate extract so I melted 1/4 cup chocolate chips in with the creamer and milk. It worked just fine.

    By the way, I'll share what I learned this week: Maraschino cherries are flavored with ALMOND EXTRACT! When I ate this ice cream tonight, all I could think about was how it tasted like there were maraschino cherries in it. heehee.

    Kathy in MD