Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mango Coconut Ice Cream

I've finally gotten around to posting a coconut-based ice cream! I usually use half light coconut milk and half full-fat coconut milk, but you could use all of either one or the other, depending on how health-conscious you are. And if you feel guilty for eating so much coconut fat, just tell yourself that the mango makes it healthy. Yeah...I like the sound of that. P.S. If you don't know how to peel or chop a mango, check out this page.

3 cups coconut milk
1 c. sugar
2 c. mango chunks (½ -inch square or smaller)
2 T. lime juice
2 T. arrowroot

Mix ¼ cup of the coconut milk with the 2 tablespoons of arrowroot and set aside.

Puree half of the mango chunks.

Combine the pureed mango, remaining coconut milk, sugar, and lime together in a saucepan and bring to a boil. When the mixture has just started to boil, take off the heat and immediately stir in the arrowroot slurry. This should immediately cause the liquid to thicken (not a lot, but a noticeable amount; it will be thicker when it cools).

Set the ice cream mixture aside to cool. Freeze according to your ice cream maker’s instructions. Add mango chunks in the last five minutes of freezing.


  1. Ice Cream... I just want one now.... :p

  2. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Love this blog! We add small chunks of coconut to our coconut ice creams. Agnes, if you're ever in SF, have dessert (ice cream or anything else they make) at Millenium (in the Savoy Hotel) - it's all vegan and delicious!!!

  3. Mmmm...Millennium. My husband took me there a couple of weeks ago for our three-year veganniversary. He called the restaurant in advance and surprised me with a custom-ordered cashew-free version of their chocolate almond midnight. It was divine.

  4. This sounds delightful :)

    Your blog is great. I love making vegan ice cream at home. All the recipes look yummy.

  5. no se que tiene esto de excepcional, son las recetas de la abuela pero en basto.
    Perdon, no se ingles

  6. I love your blog! I am a new vegan and I love ice cream and just bought an ice cream maker. I cannot wait to try out some of your recipes. This is the first one I tried and I think I've discovered I don't like coconut milk, so I'm off to try some that use other milks. I'm sure they'll all be great :)

  7. Great recipe! I just found your blog after searching for vegan mango ice cream recipes. I've been vegan for a year, and I used to love ice cream, but rice dream, etc. just aren't the same. I hope I can make my own ice cream that will be as good or better than dairy.

    Thanks for all the work you've put into this!

  8. I'm not vegan, but I just can't handle the super rich custard that every other ice cream recipe uses as a base. This recipe is soooo good! But I don't think it needs so much sugar, because of the natural sweetness in the mangoes and coconut. So, I only put in about half a cup of sugar. Still, it tastes divine!

  9. I found this recipe while hunting around for a vegan, nut-free mango ice cream I could use with my students. Thanks so much for posting it.... and it was so fun to make!

  10. I think in the last line of your recipe you meant "add remaining mango chunks", not "peaches".

  11. Odile-- Thanks for catching that! I've fixed it now.

  12. Although this is an older post, wow is it relevant. My family is Dairy-Free and it is always a delight to find new recipes to make. Thanks for the resource, I can't wait to try this!