Thursday, June 08, 2006

Suggestions Welcome!

I bet you love ice cream as much as I do. I mean, what's not to love? Unless you're some kind of freak. And you're not. Unless you're the good kind of freak, which would be OK, but then you'd like ice cream, right?

Anyway. Since this blog is all about vegan ice cream recipes, I'd love you to send me your submissions! I'll publish them and give you credit, of course.

Similarly, if you have any requests, send 'em on. I'll do my best to invent an ice cream recipe to match. The catch is that it has to be vegan and cannot contain cashews, because I'm allergic. Can't even touch them without breaking out in hives. So don't bother sending a request for cow-milk ice cream with bacon and cashews.


  1. There's a restaurant near me that makes three flavors of vegan ice cream. I think they're coconut based: basil-lime, strawberry-habanero, and banana (tastes a little like banana bread). They're all fantastic. I am heartily in favor of interesting fruit combinations like that.

    Also, butterscotch sauce! Fudge sauce! Strawberry sauce! Peanut butter sauce!

  2. Agnes, you're wonderful, keep up the deliciously good work! I created this sauce last night to serve over my vegan vanilla frozen yogurt (served over pears poached in ginger-vanilla-cinnamon-
    nutmeg-fennel broth) so I thought I'd pass it along...

    * 2/3 cup good quality red wine (Castle Rock 2003 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon or Kermit Lynch 2004 Cotes du Rhone being my first choices here)
    * 1/3 cup Joseph's Natural Sugar Free syrup (or maple or rice syrup; the former adds about 40 calories, the latter two around 300!)
    * 3 star anise
    * 1 1/2 Tbsp arrowroot
    * 2 Tbsp water (or orange liquor, haven't tried this idea out yet but should be tasty!)

    1. Bring wine and syrup to a healthy simmer
    2. Add star anise and continue simmering, stirring occasionally until reduced by 1/3-1/2; remove star anise
    3. Mix arrowroot and water to make a slurry, and stir into the wine mixture. Continue stirring until thickened.
    4. Allow to cool (and thicken) for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally, then drizzle over ice cream (or anything else, it was lovely with the pears... I also had made seitan mole for dinner and we tried a bit of this with it -- yum!!)

  3. That sounds like it would be wonderful with the pears, as well as with ice cream/frozen yogurt. Ooo...or pear ice cream.

  4. I had the same thought, so I experimented with a pear-and-rose flavored ice cream the other night... Pretty scrumptious, but the ice cream could have been creamier, I'll have to make it again and try different proportions before I write it down in pen in my recipe book...!

  5. Have you ever tried making ice cream with almond milk? I find that the soy is a strong flavour for a vanilla ice cream and I was wondering if people had tried using other "milks" with any success.

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Any desire to try making an avocado ice cream?

  7. I would *love* a mint chocolate (er, em, carob) chip recipe. I have wonderful childhood memories of mint and chocolate and yummy icecream. Only now I can't eat it. Sadness ensues. Please help O Vegan Ice Cream Maven!

  8. I've actually posted a mint chocolate chip recipe! Just click on the drop-down bar labeled "The Complete Recipe List" to find it. If you wanted carob chips, you could substitute those for the chocolate--but I much prefer using a nice vegan chocolate chip. Safeway has an organic vegan chocolate chip, which is very good. I also love Ghirardelli semi-sweet chips.

  9. Hi Agnes - I came upon your blog through it being a Blog-Of-Note (congrats!).
    Have you ever tried a Licorice icecream? Please forgive me if licorice contains animal ingredients (I'm not vegan, so I don't know if it does). I guess you'd have to like licorice, but I like licorice AND ice cream a WHOLE lot. I tasted some licorice ice cream a long time ago in another world and I would love to make some. Just an idea... :)

  10. Anonymous5:47 AM

    An Irish vegan here. I never knew you could make so many different types of vegan ice cream, you've made me hungry now.

    Anyway, here's my cheap, cheerful and healthy recipe:
    - some frozen fruit (such as rasberries or blackcurrants)
    - soya milk
    - sugar (optional)

    Let the fruit semi-thaw (they should still be partially frozen). Throw them in a bowl, splash a cup of soya milk on top, sprinkle on some sugar, blend (electric hand blender suffices). It turns into a thick slush-puppy type deep pink ice-cream with seeds. Yum.

  11. Karen--

    I've indeed thought about making a licorice ice cream. It would be easy to make vegan. I just haven't because I acutally hate licorice. However, my husband loves it! So if I made it, it would be just for him. I'm kind of waiting for him to request it. :)

  12. My family was at a natural health fair this past weekend and had vegan horchata ice cream. It was very good. I've looked for a recipe but haven't found one.

    Also, this is more of a sorbet but when I get a not so good bottle of red wine I simmer it on the stove with frozen raspberries and sugar. After I've let it cool down I throw it in the ice cream maker. It's really great with dark chocolate.

  13. I made some olive oil ice cream last night that was really great. I was thinking about how you mentioned needing some fat to make the consistency right, but I hate soy creamer (it feels like drinking oily chemicals to me). I tried 1 cup unsweetened soymilk, 1 TBS. Olive Oil, 3 TBS sugar, 1/4 tsp. salt.
    I was tasted yummy and the consistency was great - I bet nut oils would be great, too.

  14. I found your blog looking for a vegan pumpkin ice cream and not expecting that such a thing actually existed. I'm so glad it does! Now I can have pumpkin ice cream to go with all the pumpkin baked goods I'm making lately. :) ALL of your recipes look delicious. One request though: a macadamia nut ice cream would be amazing. Thanks so much for everything!

  15. I sure would love a recipe for Maple & Walnut ice cream, that's one thing I really miss.

  16. Kate the ice lover6:47 AM

    Hi and I do so hope you can try out green tea ice cream vegan style ... Btw what is c ? Does this mean cups , if so what size ? I adore icecream but cant have milk or sugar without making self ill.. Your blog is mouthwatering . Hope you can help Also great to see you are well now

  17. Kate--

    C means cups--either a liquid cup (8 oz) for liquids, or a dry measure cup for things like sugar and nuts and stuff. I should probably have explained this sooner! In the beginning, I hadn't realized I'd have an international audience who isn't stuck on America's crazy non-metric system.