Saturday, June 03, 2006

Commercially Available Vegan Ice Cream

While my blog is mostly about making your own vegan ice cream, you can get some really great flavors already made. I like making my own because I can make whatever flavor I want (even molasses ice cream for my husband), and because for a few dollars in ingredients I can get a quart of ice cream, instead of a little pint.

You can find vegan ice cream in almost any health store, and in some grocery stores. The most popular kinds are made from soy milk, though Rice Dream is made from rice milk (you’d never guess from the name, right?). Sorbet is almost always vegan.

Some common brands of vegan ice cream include: Soy Dream, Rice Dream, Whole Soy (you must try the crème caramel flavor!), Soy Delicious (which is now being marketed as So Delicious in some flavors), and Tofutti. My personal favorites are the Whole Soy pints and the Soy Delicious Purely Decadent pints. The Soy Delicious Li’l Buddies ice cream sandwiches are also wonderful.

If you are lucky enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you absolutely must make a visit to Maggie Mudd’s. They have about twenty flavors of amazing vegan ice cream. They’ll make you a sundae, a milkshake, whatever.


  1. If you're in the Pacific Northwest you must try Coconut Bliss. It is truly blissful! is the website.

    Their lavender blueberry and maple walnut are amazing!

  2. Yay for a vegan ice cream blog! My favorite was actually Double Rainbow's Soy Cream, especially the mint chocolate chip (like eating Dreyer's, only vegan). However, Soy Cream has recently disappeared from my Whole Foods, so the brand may be having some problems. Calls to Double Rainbow were not returned... :(

  3. As a Whole Foods employee, I'll tell you that the fault lies not with Double Rainbow but with A> Whole Foods getting pressure from companies with whom it has bigger contracts (ie. Imagine Foods and Whole Soy) to carry a gazillion flavors of their product, and B> Whole Foods crowding out a lot of small producers as it develops its own 365 and "Whole" brands (with, not surprsingly, very few vegan options and next to none in their "Whole Treat" line which covers ice cream). Being a DR Soy Cream addict as well as being on a student budget, I get my fix through that heaven of cheap, good food -- Trader Joe's.... ...And what say ye on the scrumdiddliumptuousness of their very-Cherry-Garcia-like "Very Cherry Chocolate Chip"...?

  4. San Diego Southern Belle2:00 PM

    I was introduced to Double Rainbow soy creams 2 weeks ago at my local Trader Joe's. I tried the Very Cherry Chocolate Chip and became an immediate fan. It's heavenly!!! You would never know that it's not real ice cream. I ran back to Trader Joe's and purchased a quart of DR's Mango sorbet/Vanilla soy cream and was equally pleased. My hubby (who typically turns up his nose at anything other than 'real' ice cream) was equally impressed. Since my health prevents me from consuming dairy like I used to, I'm so very thankful for Double Rainbow's incredibly delicious alternatives!!!

  5. I had the Double Rainbow "Ice Cream" in OR and WA, but only could find it at two places down here in FL. Then we were told that they could no longer get it, but either didn't know why or didn't say why. Anyone know of a place in FL for Db. Rainbow? Bless you if you can help...bless you, even if you can't~ :)